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Hi, I'm Rebecca, the face behind Yorkshire Pasture Poultry. A first generation farmer

passionate about animal welfare, producing proper food and agroecology. 

Fed up of my marketing career and sitting in an office 5 days a week, I found my love for

farming back in 2015 when I saw an ad for a volunteer position at a local dairy farm.

To know those cows were fed, milked and had a dry clean bed to sleep on every night

was more fulfilling to me than any job I'd ever done, thats where my journey started.

Fast forward a few thousand milkings, 14 hour work days and been thrown in at the

deep end more times than I care to count, I'd learnt an awful lot. Working with

livestock was my absolute dream and although I enjoyed aspects of it, I knew

some of the more conventional industrial agricultural practices weren't where my

head was at.


I became very interested in high welfare systems and regenerative agriculture and spent hours researching, self teaching and practising some of the ideas I came across. More traditional farmers scoffed at some of the things I had learnt but I knew if I wanted to produce food that had ultimately been cared for with love and benefitted the surrounding environment rather than damaging it then there had to be people out there who would want to eat it. My ever growing drive to farm compassionately and a desire to work for myself led me to start Yorkshire Pasture Poultry at the end of 2020. Now I can confidently say I don't just produce great tasting chicken and eggs. My chickens are the catalyst for a much deeper purpose. Through my work I have become passionate about even more issues which show up in my everyday practices both on and off the farm. These are:

  • Animal Welfare

  • Farming sustainably

  • Producing real, nutrient dense food

  • Challenging the current food system

  • Driving forward local circular economies

I believe the local farmer is vital to restoring a resilient regional food system and a holistic approach to land, livestock, people and planet is key to producing food.



Going forward in Spring 2024 I am set to expand again which will see the business move to a working farm and the chickens grazing alongside a grass fed beef herd. 

I started Yorkshire Pasture Poultry in 2020 on just an acre of overgrown grassland that a very kind local family had offered up to me to get me started. That year I raised 500 chickens and learnt a lot in the process.


In 2022 the farm moved to Holmfirth where I took on tenure of 9 acres of unmanaged overgrown wild pasture and woodland.

 Slowly with the help of a 'few' chickens I have managed to get a small portion of it back to workable farm land. Here I work completely off grid with no power, running water or previously built infrastructure. 


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