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We're Moving

I'm sure a few of you will have heard me talk about a potential move over the past few months and after some great consideration it's finally going ahead. Me, the chickens and Mogg will be moving up to Hillcrest Farm in Acklam, North Yorkshire.


You may have come across Vicky and Bracken who own the farm at the Huddersfield Food Circle, last summer they invited me to move the business and myself onto their farm so my chickens could follow their 100% grass fed beef herd.


Moving to the farm will certainly make my life easier if not a little busier. As you no doubt know I currently work off grid with no running water or electricity and no prior infrastructure to speak of. Having access to all of those things plus barns to store feed, tractors to pull things with and a proper driveway with revolutionise the way I work.


Truthfully it's not all about the step up in resources. For the past three years I've run the business alone alongside part time work and although I can do most things independently there are times when I just need someone else around to help me lift something or to give a second opinion. I know I will appreciate having other people around to bounce off and enjoy the shared support of being able to step in for one another.


Up at Hillcrest they farm in such a way which is greatly aligned with the way I aim to farm here in Holmfirth. They have a beautiful grass fed out wintering beef herd alongside a flock of pastured laying hens. They strongly believe in regenerative agriculture and enhancing their environment and they believe in a cooperative way of working to overcome our shared goals of challenging the food system.

Having the chickens following the cows will be beneficial for all, for my chickens it means the longer tougher grasses have already been grazed and they will arrive at the pasture at a more chicken friendly height. The Chickens will also benefit from being able to scratch through the lovely cows pats that have been left behind. Whilst cows are great for working regeneratively and enhancing soil health, regenerative farming by its very nature involves a holistic approach to create a whole eco system. Of course in any naturally evolutionized landscape its quite natural to have not only ruminants and grazers but foragers, smaller ground birds and a whole host of other animals, insects and plant species that come together to make an ecosystem thrive. The aim is to bring the cows and chickens to work together as just one small piece of the jigsaw puzzle in creating our own thriving ecosystem that supports diverse sustainable life.

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